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Things that made my day this week

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A bit later than the Friday post that I usually do, here are the things that made my day this week:

Dorothy by iStrategy Labs is a really interesting use of haptic for discrete navigation information

Kovert Designs seem stop be taking a similar approach with their jewellery; as does Casio with their BlueTooth G-shocks.

I am really looking forward to William Gibson’s new book and this interview with American magazine Mother Jones shows that he has not lost his edge:   William Gibson: The Future Will View Us “As a Joke” | Mother Jones

Porter’s collaboration with Isaora are always interesting, but I have really fallen for the Filo pack, with its digital smoke print. Unfortunately I can’t justify buying it because I have a perfectly good Mystery Ranch bag.

I really like this physical interface designed for use on iPads. The pictures under glass interface has its limitations which this design draws attention to it.