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This Nescafe salesman is hard to refuse | Hong Kong Economic Insight – interesting use of technology, the robo salesman

Amazon to unveil new service for Chinese | Shanghai Daily – just in time for singles day

PRSummit: ‘Earned Media Has A Distribution Problem’ | Holmes Report – pretty interesting take on things

Hong Kong can’t afford to lose the Umbrella Movement generation | Quartz – interesting analysis by Jack Ma

Game Changers | Wolff Olins & Flamingo – how consumers relate to brand

Apple Eyes New Uses for NFC Beyond iPhone Payments – The Information (paywall) – logical extension given that people like TfL are looking to do more of their ticketing using PayPass like technology

I, Cringely How to fix IBM – I, Cringely – interesting take, however it ignores the dynamic of the management with what will be increasingly active shareholders