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Asiajin » Jerry Yang’s 1999 Order Thanked By Japanese Auction Dominator Yahuoku | Asiajin – interesting how Yahoo! engineered the product to meet Japanese characteristics back in 1999 by Jerry Yang. More on Yahoo! here.

Why I’m not impressed with your smart device | VentureBeat – interesting take on CES

Rumor: Skype Set To Launch A Social Network To Compete With Facebook | Social Networking Watch – this seems a bit pointless to me

Huawei Bets Americans Will Want Contract-Free Phones – WSJ – I guess they are struggling to get carrier deals, is the new burner phone a smartphone and is the FCC holding up approval on HiSilicon-powered smartphones?

Beijing cracks down on Uber and its rival taxi-hailing apps | Quartz – interesting that Didi has been declared illegal

Spies are putting off writers | Channel EYE – more than 75 percent of respondents in countries classified as “free,” 84 percent in “partly free” countries, and 80 percent in countries that were “not free” said that they were “very” or “somewhat” worried about government surveillance in their countries

Chinese chip makers want in on bank card business | WantChinaTimes – threat for Infineon and Gemalto

Jeff Mills: The Failings Of The Future | Hypnotik – interesting to read this, especially after reading William Gibson’s latest book The Peripheral. In the book, much of the story plays out after the Jackpot – a gradual long duration series of events that herald massive human population decline

The Behavioural Economics Guide 2014 – (pdf) – this is an area of increasing interest in social policy, marketing and advertising circles. It promises the ability to better shape consumer behaviour, which is an attractive proposition to government and marketers. Especially when combined with pursuasive computing techniques in digital media.