Ezra Klein on the changing state of blogging in media

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Interesting interview with Ezra Klein on his experience with Vox and the difference between that and working in traditional media publishers like the Washington Post. Klein had previously written blogs for the Washington Post. He talks about the differences in terms of workflow and the process differences between blogs and mainstream media publishers.

Ezra Klein interview outtakes

  • Blogs fill more of a explainer role than mainstream media
  • Blogs allow you to develop audiences for topics that mainstream media couldn’t get away with
  • The reliance of media formats based on history. Stories put their content upfront due to the risk of being cut off when the story was sent in as a telegram. Page length dictated concise content
  • The web is persistent in a way that print isn’t. Print needs to be thrown out, the web can stay around, but that doesn’t mean that it always does

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