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‘Mustang’ More Popular Than ‘Superman,’ ‘Batman’ According to Research by SplashData | Ford Media Centre – just bad PR and a piss poor use of search data by the Ford Media Centre. Its a desperate gasp at cultural relevance

We Need to Break the Mobile Duopoly. We Need a 3rd Mobile OS | Andreessen Horowitz – there are more than three, but there seems to be barriers to adoption

Liveblog: Xiaomi Explains Itself To Silicon Valley | TechCrunch – contextual aspects of the OS is really interesting

Hoping Google’s Lab Is a Rainmaker – – interesting the impatience. However if you go back to Google’s red herring you can’t say that they weren’t warned. More innovation related content here.

Three of Tech’s Top CEOs to Skip Obama Cybersecurity Summit – Bloomberg Business – snub due to Snowden revelations