Links of the day | 在网上找到

Cheaper luxury goods could be on the way in Asia, say analysts | SCMP – a mix of market forces in the likes of China and cracking newer markets (paywall)

What Luxury Brands Can Learn From Baijiu’s Anti-Corruption Comeback | Jing Daily – this move at re-positioning the brand away from gifting to everyday consumption is similar to work that I did with Bordeaux wines in China

NSA spying caused 9 percent of foreign firms to dump U.S. clouds | SiliconAngle – I don’t think that the military industrial complex would care

Magic Lantern Brings Linux to Canon EOS Cameras | Hack-a-day – interesting dual boot camera project

Patagonia Repair Partnership – iFixit – really interesting bit of native advertising by Patagonia

An update on Microsoft’s approach to Do Not Track – Microsoft on the Issues – disappointing

Road Warrior: Waiting on the Elio, a Three-Wheeled Dream Car of the Future | – I like the look of this is reminds me of the Messerschmitt KR200 and the Volkswagen 1 Litre concept car

Russian internet trolls are trained to spread propaganda in three-person teams | Quartz – interesting approach to social content marketing using astro-turfing and sock puppetry

Amazon Dash Button – interesting idea

US Used Zero-Day Exploits Before It Had Policies for Them | WIRED – not terribly surprising, regulation and policy is always behind technology

Wearables market action is all in the wrist says market-scryer IDC – wrist devices dominate wearable products

Ditch the Keyboard, Take Notes By Hand | Mother Jones – really interesting, showing the importance or artefacts

If you weren’t head-hunted or referred, it’s hardly worth applying for that new job | Quartz – interesting shows the importance of loose networks, presumably driven by communications technologies from email to social

Meerkat, Periscope, and Hope | Techpinions – interesting analysis

Bits or pieces?: So Amazon fired a warning shot at supermarkets and everyone went April Fool? – interesting reading

Renegades of Junk: The Rise and Fall of the Drexel Empire | Bloomberg Business – great article on the rise of junk bonds

Meerkat Vs Periscope: Tech journalist is a sickly mess | BGR – shows west coast journalists as being basically sock puppets

5 Key Highlights from the 2015 Apparel and Footwear Research – Euromonitor International – economic trends rather than anything else. Slower growth in China and decline in Russia