Things that made my day this week

Here are some of things that made my day this week

Razorfish Berlin’s interactive brochure for Audi to promote the TT coupe

Leo Burnett Italy created an app for P&G’s Always brand that directly addresses the insecurity women may feel in an unfamiliar area at night time; it connects them with a friend, to protect them on your way home.

It is a smart play for the brand by being useful

Celebrity music streaming service Tidal faced critics at launch, this was probably the best of them

I love this old video about Bell Laboratories’ complex in Holmdel, New Jersey that AT&T have put on YouTube as part of their efforts to digitise their archives. This is Silicon Valley before Silicon Valley

At the other end of the spectrum, Ogilvy Hong Kong for Hong Kong Clean-Up produced a campaign that puts DNA analysis to an Orwellian future.