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What Silicon Valley Can Learn From Seoul – – really interesting divergence in design approach between the US tech sector in Silicon Valley and Seoul based technology companies. Factors include culture and Bay area companies engineering for a lower bandwidth. Korea has the highest level of connectivity in the world alongside Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong

HP Puts the Future of Computing On Hold | MIT Technology Review – no move forward on memristors at the moment

Sharing Data, but Not Happily – – the dichotomy of wanting services but not being prepared to pay for them

Say goodbye to voicemail—and don’t be surprised if it comes back | Quartz – interesting how the changes are differentiated by culture, language and context

Marc Newson: The new guy behind the Apple Watch – London Evening Standard – bit of PR puffery about Marc Newson with little content

Block shock | The Economist – interesting article on ad blocking

Google’s European mea culpa – POLITICO – Whetstone et al dropped the ball tries for a new groove with a complete site overhaul | TheNextWeb – I still scrobble my playing habits to

How Millennials are changing the face of retail | Econsultancy – surprised that they came out and called them narcissists

Google’s Larry Page on ad blockers – Business Insider – create better, more relevant advertising

BI says crypto technology, promoted by Apple and WhatsApp, is helping terrorists | VentureBeat – FBI going for the emotive play, the problem is that opponents see the intelligence security complex creating a digital panopticon that we all live in. When one looks at blacklisting of construction workers in the past, what would this panopticon hold?

Blocking Pirate Bay doesn’t increase legit sales, study finds | ExtremeTech – which is the flip side of studies that have shown that pirates buy more.

Casio Museum to Display Classic ‘Smartwatches’ | WSJ – which reminds you that nothing is ever new