Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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This wonderful film of Tokyo by Brandon Li which somehow feels as if it should be a Guinness advert, partly due to the narration by Tom O’Bedlam

It is interesting how the Guinness brand has came to own strong storytelling in advertising.

I was doing some research and came across the collaboration between MelodySheep and General Mills to remix Lucky Charms adverts. His interpretation shows a darker side to the kids hunting for Lucky Charms

Check out MelodySheep’s album on Bandcamp. More culture related content here.

483 lines by Seoul-based Kimchi and Chips is a welcome break from 3d projection mapping for interesting visualisations. It reminds me of the work Troika turn out

The Atlantic did a really good video which is a meditation on the nature of time via the U.S. Naval Observatory.

I really like this Pizza Hut projector because of its unique use of cardboard where one would normally expect to see temperature resistant plastics. It’s a wonderful hack by Ogilvy & Mather.