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iOS 8 hits 85 percent adoption as Google goes dark on Lollipop figures- The Inquirer – Android manufacturers handsets are still suffering from fragmentation; which seems to be an issue with handset localisation

Hackers Remotely Hijacked A Jeep On The Highway | Fast Company – I really don’t understand how this would be news. More security related posts here.

If this is “disappointing”, count me in: Apple produces another record quarter | TelecomTV – Revenue up 33% to $49.6bn, iPhone sales up 35% to 47.5m units, average iPhone selling price up to $660, $202bn cash in the bank – while Android manufacturers make up the bulk of the sales; as these manufacturers don’t have a representative share of profits.

Intel CEO on layoffs meritocracy – Business Insider – nice mess for the PR team to try and clean up