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China considers limiting third party online payments-Shanghai Daily – presumably the Chinese government feels that limiting third party online payments has anti corruption and tax dodging benefits. It would also be a good why of preventing capital flight out of China via third party online payments. More finance related content here.

Daring Fireball: Safari vs. Chrome: Power Consumption – interesting article

Samsung confirms its next Gear smartwatch will feature a rotating bezel for zooming, controlling apps | VentureBeat – interesting interface change

Samsung plans to ‘adjust’ Galaxy S6 and S6 edge pricing in response to poor quarterly earnings | VentureBeat – interesting that Edge is thrown in the mix. Has it really gone from under supply to discounting in one quarter

brandchannel: Hermès, Bagged by PETA, Sees Jane Birkin Protest Her Namesake Bag – will people buying the Hermes Birkin actually care?

social@Ogilvy | Social data accuracy on LinkedIn and Facebook – interesting study but context also matters

Google search now lets you avoid lines by showing the busiest times at millions of places and businesses – intersting data to build a programmable world

How to make someone unfollow you on Twitter | Gadgette – genius. Soft blocking is capitalising on how blocking forces someone to unfollow you. It doesn’t reinstate them as a follower when you unblock them

straight from the track to the road, sin automotive sets R1 RS into production – if I was 14, I would have had a poster of this on my wall, now it feels incongruous on the road