How long to read & other things that made my week

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How Long to Read – find how long to read any book. How long to read is very useful at a macro level, for instance if you are looking for holiday reading, or a good book to take on a flight. However it would also be useful to know what books are ideally read in short chunks that might suit a commute on public transport. 

Japanese artist brings ukiyo-e woodblock prints to life through animated GIFs. – these are just stunning to look at

Gallery: A practical, low-tech Japan | Ars Technica – really clever product design. It goes to show that not everything needs an integrated circuit in it. More design posts here.

Judging by the trailer, Fort Tilden is a an on-point comedy that nails modern New York life in all its absurdity. It’s kind of like a dark John Hughes film that captures the banality and ennui of modern teenage life.

BrainCandy | Create a GIF from a YouTube video – this will be amazing for media bases memes