Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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The South China Morning Post do a really good job of short-form documentaries and vignettes, this one about Karachi nightlife behind closed doors struck me as particularly emblematic of the changes in the country over the years. Ageing middle-class liberals play music and party in private houses Previously Karachi nightlife was more conventional. They used to party inside nightclubs and hotels. All of this changed when the country’s politicians paid more attention to Islamists.

Glove-like socks are made from material stronger than Kevlar – a different take on footwear design by the Swiss Barefoot Company.

Amazing mix of projection mapping and contemporary dance.

William Hill made this great advert for their mobile app under the theme Take Control, what I find curious about this and other videos I am starting to see have high production values but basically no promotion budget. This one has 3,163 views as I write this.

LOG-ON in Hong Kong made these great videos to promote their stores, its simple but engaging.