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Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect • – or how Microsoft fumbled the future

Backdoor on Juniper firewalls – Schneier on Security – if it wasn’t the NSA who did this, we have a case where a US government backdoor effort (Dual-EC) laid the groundwork for someone else to attack US interests

China’s share of global LCD chip market to jump from zero to 12pc – SCMP – I expected it to be higher both in terms of volume and value. (paywall)

Don’t feel guilty about buying tech toys this holiday season – Slate – interesting riff on the angst that parents of gen-x kids had about television. I suspect it isn’t about the toy, but about time poverty of the parents

The Google Nexus 6P Review – Anandtech – expensive for what it is – interesting review, bear in mind that Google chose the spec for Huawei to implement. Price point considered expensive for the product in the review

What’s next for Apple? – CBS News – Charlie Rose so not exactly hard hitting