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Why Google search suggests “Muslims support terrorism”

Baidu Receives Offer for Stake in Online Video Platform Niyi – Interesting that the offer is coming from Baidu insiders including Robin Li

Tea kettles, slippers, congee: US hotels are wooing the Chinese tourist class – Is a $15 electric kettle the key to luring Chinese tourists? A growing number of US hotel chains think so

China wants to approve every song before it goes online – Tech in Asia – interesting potential move from online to offline media for diehard fans. I expect most Chinese listeners wouldn’t care

Say hello to better battery life on your smartwatch | TheNextWeb – Qualcomm seems to have moved to a smaller foundry process

GitHub – reek/anti-adblock-killer: Anti-Adblock Killer helps you keep your Ad-Blocker active, when you visit a website and it asks you to disable. – but not consumer friendly yet

Technology and Trust | Dan Edelman’s blog – Technology industry suffering from declining trust

London’s 101 Pulls a Cramer-Krasselt and ‘Resigns’ Kettle Chips | AgencySpy – principled in a way that’s hard to do for many agencies

People who’ve tried online dating admit it’s dangerous and maybe a little desperate | Quartz – and there in lies an issue

Neon killer?: Samsung, LG unveil OLED Wall technologies – Electronics Eetimes – I feel conflicted about this as LEDs haven’t displaced neon from an aesthetic point of view, will OLED be any different. Secondly, the craftsmanship in neon sign making is a site to behold. But it could bring us to more of a ‘Blade Runner’ cityscape

A compelling strategy to read more, more comprehensively, and in less time – Quartz – depends on the subject but interesting approach

Five reasons why SoundCloud might be doomed FACT – get on there this weekend and rinse the stuff you want

Teenagers Are Much Better At Snapchat Than You | Buzzed – not scientific but interesting, whats the lost business opportunity for Mattel and Hasbro?

Tech Nation | Tech City UK – interesting report to try and mollify critics

What is HTTP2 and How Will it Affect Your SEO? by @patrickstox – HTTP/2 is a much needed refresh of the HTTP protocol that was based largely on Google

Four reasons Nigeria is turning the phone number into a digital ID – Gemalto blog

LG’s next G5 phone to sport ‘always on’ screen – CNET