5 great tools for the rest of us

I decided to post a random mix of tools that I have been using lately.

Sugru – it’s a kind of 21st century version of Plastic Padding. A rubbery resin that’s activated by the moulding process. It’s flexible nature makes it useful as a preventative repair for Apple Thunderbolt and MagSafe connectors. I mould it around where the connector meets the cable.

Nimble – is an in-menu bar app on OSX that is a client for Wolfram Alpha and invaluable for research as Wolfram are quite careful about the data sets that they use.

Hemmingway – its a native OSX app that is ideal for writing with. It provides real time proof reading highlighting flaws that make copy harder to read. It’s a bargain at $9.99.

Disk Utility – An app that comes with OSX, usually not used unless something is going horribly wrong with your computer. It is also idea for encrypting files. Lose a memory stick, its not that big a deal. Your files are encrypted using 256-bit AES – its the kind of thing that would give GCHQ’s data centres a good workout to crack.

Strategy Deck – a really useful site that has just about everything a strategist would need including frameworks, links to tools and an amazing collection of trend reports.