Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Great advert by Korean cosmetic company Happybath Amorepacific that deals with the isolating ‘cocooning’ effects of technology by encouraging touch. Happybath Amorepacific is one of the best known Korean beauty companies with consumers across Asia. More Korean related topics here. And more beauty related posts here.

Industrial nightscapes draw in sightseers in Kita-Kyushu – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun – whilst my friends who have roots in Teeside or Merseyside appreciate the broken down Christmas tree majesty of an industrial landscape. I would find it hard to believe that your average westerner would appreciate these ‘cathedrals in steel’ in their own right. In Japan, they represent a golden age of Japan, a palpable sign of the economic miracle that the country has undergone during the late Showa era

The Pocky factory tour by Glico Japan is beautifully shot and mesmerising to watch.

IKEA Taiwan creates cell phone powered hot pot to fight social media addiction at the dinner table: Shanghaiist – its hard to explain how attached people in Asia are to smartphones. Food photography is huge, as is the immediacy of OTT messaging. The anxiety of not having your personal device at your constant touch is a great insight to play off with this product

Sudden Death in Vietnam: ‘One Ride With Yankee Papa 13’ | TIME – you look at these photos and they have dated very little from what you saw coming through from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq. The gap between world war 2 and Vietnam feels a lot larger than the gap between Vietnam and the war on terror in terms of technology. And the gap in technology and practice between world war 1 and 2 was equally vast. Is this a sign that innovation in terms of engineering and materials, if not software, is slowing down to a veritable snails pace?