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Is WeChat headed for regulatory trouble? – Tech in Asia – WeChat hasn’t been looking like a real international contender for a good while. Its international marketing efforts were lacklustre and sporadic. But in China its ubiquity and usefulness attracted the attention of the government in an unsavoury way. Given the tight linkage between Party and media, these comments from People’s Daily look like a statement of intent towards WeChat “malicious rights-infringement, excessive marketing, coercive sharing, deliberate swindling, and chaos.” I am sure WeChat headed towards taking remedial action forthwith.

Apple: Terrorist’s Apple ID Password Changed In Government Custody, Blocking Access – BuzzFeed News – The Apple ID password linked to the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists was changed less than 24 hours after the government took possession of the device, senior Apple executives said Friday. If that hadn’t happened, Apple said, a backup of the information the government was seeking may have been accessible – so why don’t the FBI track down the government employee who changed the password and Gitmo their butt to get it? In theory, it could be a conspiracy inside the San Bernardino local government to aid and abet terrorism I suspect this about covering up a FUBAR on the government side – Feds versus state. If I were more cynical it looks like it was deliberately done to exploit San Bernardino? I suspect that is an opportunistic plan by the government to break the US tech sector, making lemonade out of the lemons handed to them by the blocker

Whatever Happened to Klout? | Motherboard – it still seems to be a thing for some people

Feeble Noise Pollution — Medium – interesting insights on the FBI’s use of San Bernardino as a crow bar to break the US tech sector

RA News: Beatport registers $5.5 million loss in 2015 – not terribly surprising

Cat S60 thermal camera phone: Specs, price and release date | BGR – surprisingly nice looking for a rugged phone. Pity they didn’t build in a pipe/metal detector for construction workers

Beijing is banning all foreign media from publishing online in China – Quartz – this is interesting as it would impact entertainment media, gaming companies, book publishers and news media. In addition to western brands it would also hurt Chinese brands like Tencent who has South African company Naspers as a shareholder

Why you should side with Apple, not the FBI, in the San Bernardino iPhone case – The Washington Post – either everyone gets security or no one does

Walled Garden | Kieran Healy – the walled garden is about keeping your data safely inside without others being able to get at it

Apple of the East, Xiaomi, working on an Apple Pay competitor? | Gizchina – not terribly surprising, UnionPay will have learned from working with Apple and find it easier to onboard other device manufacturers

Uber losing $1 billion a year to compete in China | Reuters – this is a bit spun in terms of the story

I have seen the future of media, and it’s in China | Fusion – the power of WeChat

You, Apple, Terrorism and Law Enforcement – Defense One

Kakao diversifies after winning war with telcos | Telecom Asia

Why I’m Over Susie Bubble – Racked – that’s where bloggers like Lau and Bryanboy fall flat to me, why I think we’ve outgrown them. It’s not just that these former outsiders have been subsumed by the mainstream fashion industry, or that Google Reader’s demise in 2013 took Style Bubble out of my daily reading rotation. Rather, it’s because it’s time for Asian bloggers and style stars who don’t just dress distinctively but are also comfortable in their own skin and with the features on their face – quite a takedown

“Problematic Internet use” can hurt relationships, study finds. – Slate – yet another internet addiction post

Homer Simpson Will Take Your Questions on a Live-Animated Segment of The Simpsons – I guess its meeting audience requirements of immediacy and interaction a la social media

Hong Kong’s popular, lucrative horror movie about Beijing has disappeared from theaters – this looks a bit suspicious

Customer Letter ‘The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers’ – Apple

U.S. Hacked Into Iran’s Critical Civilian Infrastructure For Massive Cyberattack, New Film Claims – BuzzFeed News