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Daring Fireball: Was Pew’s Polling Question on the Apple FBI Debate Misleading? – yes. The debate is based on emotive logical fallacy. More security related posts here.

Samsung Pay to enter China tomorrow, is probably screwed | Techinasia – yep, headline about sums it up

Yahoo Has a Surprise New Suitor | Vanity Fair – quite why Time Inc would want to buy Yahoo! after parting with Aol is beyond me given that the businesses were similar in many respects (email, messaging, vertical news content, international presence)

Helpers of Singapore – interesting tumblr account, surprised that is such long form content. Well worth checking out

Microsoft to phase out Skype Qik video chat app as of March 24 | ZDNet – I didn’t know Qik was still maintained by Microsoft

MateBook a surprise move for Huawei – Kantar – really?

Powa Technologies: from UK tech darling to administration – – TechCity is more fragile than many people care to admit

Samsung, LG improve smartphone cameras, turn to virtual reality – Shanghai Daily – there is a definite lull in innovation

Facebook creates ‘social virtual reality’ team – – all your cyberspace dreams coming true?