Profiling social conversations at Mobile World Congress 2016

Reading Time: < 1 minute

As a useful benchmark against how handset manufacturers performed (which I will look at later on), I decided to do some benchmark research into online conversations for Sunday around Mobile World Congress 2016. Using a social listening tool’s proprietary authority ranking to segment conversation participants.  All of the data came from Twitter, this isn’t perfect but it is the social platform that provides the best quality information for this kind of exercise. Posts tend to be immediate and easy to do.

I ended up with of 4,006 posts based on the bulk of a day’s postings. Of those posts, 2,120 identified their country or area of origin. The posts came from 53 identified countries.

I then broke the posts down into four sections and analysed the upper and lower quartile by authority ranking. I used the overall population numbers by country to see if it over-or-under indexed in either high or low influence. There were clear country patterns in terms of authority, these were not related to size or location. This was particularly interesting as the event is culture neutral.

Countries that would be traditionally associated with spam content due to internet behaviour norms and low wages actually ranked well for authority. This wasn’t a deficiency of the algorithm but reflected well managed social media accounts. More on mobile-related topics here.