An idea for the CIPR to provide even more benefit to the PR profession

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First of all the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) has improved immeasurably from where it was a few years ago. It acknowledges that social media is now a thing. It has given consideration to social media being part of public relations campaigns. If you dig around there are freely available journals on communications on the website.

Research (developed for agency marketing purposes) like Edelman’s Trust Barometer were also collected there. But the process seems to have stopped a couple of years ago. This body of data is great for what it is; but effectiveness research is lacking

All the current efforts by the CIPR have done on curation pales in comparison to the quality of the research on effectiveness that the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) has available for members. I’ve found the data points I have got from IPA sources invaluable over the past few months working on branding and communications planning assignments.

The IPA is like a cross between the CIPR and the PRCA. It has qualifications like the CIPR and focuses on agency memberships like the PRCA.

In addition, the CIPR has a large contingent of public sector employed members. I personally believe this would help raise the effectiveness and respect of the profession. More public relations-related posts here.