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Is Taking Yahoo Private An Option? | MediaPost – does it make sense taking Yahoo private? – Probably yes, getting the activist shareholders off the company’s back would have benefits. All be it ending up with a highly leveraged business. Does it make sense to have the current team do it? That’s a much trickier call to make, there is a strong argument to say no. But you would struggle to find a qualified management team who could step up to take it on

Creating Facebook Canvas ads: step-by-step guide | The Digiterati – great step-by-step guide by Marie Page

The Information Revolution’s Dark Turn – Tech – – interesting article discussion on whether technology frees us or dominates us

Kiddle – Ask Jeeves mark II? Will Kiddle finally be the people to get natural language search to work well consistently?

【双语】Shenzhen pilots vehicle ID chips 深圳八类车上将安装“电子车证” – The chips will be installed in 200,000 vehicles in Shenzhen-mostly commercial vehicles and public buses-and allow officers to access vehicle data

Morgan Stanley Marks Down Its Stake In Palantir, Dropbox – Fortune – not terribly surprising clipping of the unicorns. Palantir seems to be a solution looking for a problem. This is a common issue with enterprise software. Given its defence connections and the need for extensive consultancy and software one has to wonder about breakout use cases