Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Things that have made my week:

Reddit have gone and interviewed geek heroes to discuss their formative moments for a series of videos on YouTube. The complete playlist is below. Steve Wozniak is one of the highlights for me

French production duo Cassius come back with a strong track Action featuring Mike D from the Beastie Boys. Whilst The Beastie Boys may not be doing anything new as a group it was great to hear Mike D on the mic again

Streetwear label Bench have teamed up with Data Transmission to sponsor a series of mixes on Soundcloud. Archie B’s crowd pleasing set with a hint of UK garage aesthetic is good music to work by

Generally I would describe my politics as apolitical. Issues that I have cared about such as the free party scene, digital media or privacy and cryptography are things that politicians don’t seem to understand – or more accurately can’t be bothered to understand. I did notice that the Brexit debate jumped the Brussels explosions like dope fiends on a free bag of smack.
It was also quite unusual hearing ‘liberal conservative’ political parties like Angela Merkel’s CDU and the UK Conservative (and Unionist) Party as leftist. The tweet that kicked the discussion off was deleted later in the day.

Audi mixes service with promotion in branded WiFi networks – Luxury Daily – Internet – a simple smart marketing tactic in these broadband addicted time.