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5 Reasons Marketers Have Largely Overlooked Generation X | Adweek – definition of the group is an issue, small segment (weird 18 year block rather than 20 year block), transitional position in terms of analogue and digital world experience, identification with the label gen-x

Video surveillance cued for surge in next five years | Telecom Asia – depressing reading

Product innovation is the new marketing | Marketing Interactive – innovation being mis-construed for stunts?

Telenor looks to be #MoreThan just a telecommunication giant | Marketing Interactive – tricky picking a hashtag that you can’t own, interesting campaign ideas

WhatsApp’s move to protect user privacy: What does this signal? | Marketing Interactive – interesting discussion around the implications (beyond marketing) of end-to-end encryption in OTT messaging space

Huawei unveils its flagship P9 and P9 Plus smartphones: ‘coengineered with Leica’ | VentureBeat – Huawei CEO Richard Yu even went so far as to say the camera was “coengineered” with Leica.

Centre for Analysis of Social Media – Demos – interesting research on the interface of politics and social media

Snapchat Is Suddenly Attracting a Lot More Millennial Women Than Men | Adweek – surprised men were in the majority in the first place. If one looks at similar social interaction platforms like Facebook you have greater female engagement

Digital strategy: Understanding the economics of disruption | McKinsey & Company – (audio recording)

Marissa Mayer vs. “Kim Kardashian’s Ass”: What Sunk Yahoo’s Media Ambitions? | Vanity Fair – great headline, a secondary aspect to this is how must the superstars feel, having bet their bankability on Marissa Mayer and Yahoo!

Data USA – done by MIT

Download | Proof Finder – interesting software for just $100

Goldman Sachs leads a $30 million round for Persado’s AI-based, automated copywriting service | TechCrunch – adequate copywriting or great copywriting and how will that compare with the economics of doing it out of the Philippines instead?

The Dropcam Team — Medium – airing Google’s IoT laundry in public