Ten most popular posts of H1 2016

In order of traffic volume, the most popular posts on my blog up to the beginning of June:

  1. What are the major reasons behind Yahoo!’s drastic decline – a Quora question inspired post
  2. How the Panama Papers story broke online – a look at how the story broke across social media and traditional news with data
  3. What the IFTTT is going on? – IFTTT changed the way it approached development which left many service users such as me in the lurch
  4. Inside Virgin Atlantic’s online racism crisis – how the Chinese diaspora teamed up to highlight a racially motivated incident on a Virgin flight
  5. On Writing – inspired by a similar post that Stephen Waddington did. We had a contrast of approaches and motivations
  6. The Trouble with Twitter – with growth stalled what does it mean?
  7. Yahoo! how did we get here? – similar post in many respects to to the top ranking post
  8. Online advertising and technology data points – this is the April edition of a monthly (or as near monthly updates on statistics that I can do)
  9. The Smartphone Market and Huawei – analysis of Huawei’s consumer business. I updated it in a separate post when Huawei published its annual results at the beginning of April
  10. Everyday tools that are a part of my process part one