Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Monotype refresh of the London Underground’s font Johnston 100 will be part of London’s environment for decades to come. It’s got the kind of class that you’d expect from the Monotype foundry. More on Monotype here.

Microsoft Research Mobile – Why do Nigerian Scammers Say They are from Nigeria? – amazing answer. Its actually about improving the quality of likely marks surprisingly enough. You need to have a good read of the explanation as its pretty dense in nature.

Part two of a video documentary done by Wired (UK) on the hardware mecca of Shenzhen and how maker culture has been appropriated by businesses there. Shenzhen is better known as the workshop of the world where Foxconn has its most iconic factory.

Shenzhen is all your cyberpunk futures rolled into one. A mix of technology, and a night that is more lit up than during the day with skyscraper sized screens like Blade Runner brought to life. The video  doesn’t cover other aspects of Shenzhen, like the fact its got one of China’s biggest stock markets. Think the NASDAQ of China. China is looking for Shenzhen to eclipse of Hong Kong as a global financial services hub – like that will really happen. More on Shenzhen here.

Despite the shonky production, this is a great interview with theoretical physicist and genetics expert Steve Hsu. Hsu is a great blogger and presenter, so this is well worth a lunch hour listen.

Advertising agency MullenLowe came up with a beautiful promotion for their activity at the Cannes advertising festival.