Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Honda S660 – Honda pranks one of its own sales people by sending young racing driver Miki Koyama in for a test drive in a Honda S660. The kei car looks like immense fun!

On a related note, Honda showcased a gorgeous looking concept based on the S660 called the ‘neo classic’ which harks back to the original S600 from the 1960s. The S600 in turn was based on technology that underpinned Honda’s formula one cars and racing bike engines.

Staying in Japan, the police have created this advert to try and persuade members of the Kudo-kai yakuza family to go straight. Its an interesting approach.

Porsche was surprisingly magnanimous in its video celebrating its 17th overall victory at Le Mans.

I don’t mean that I think Porsche would normally have been unsportsmanlike, but it has helped elevate the Toyota brand by acknowledging them as worthy opponents of the Stuttgart sportscar manufacturer.

Probably the best explanation I’ve seen of the first week after the Brexit vote via my friend Ian.

My soundtrack has been the Mafia Kiss remix of Deekline & Hardy Hard’s Can’t Hide It from a few years ago