Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Interactive Site Brings Hennessy’s Mastery To Life | Marketing Daily – Droga 5 look at the consistency and quality of Hennessy’s VSOP through an interactive site. Which a very high creative bar to get across. What surprised me more is that this was the first US ad campaign for Hennessy’s VSOP in a decade. More on luxury here.

John Ciena on patriotism. WWE stars do a lot of work making personal appearances around the world on USO (United Services Organizations) tours. But this is different in that it presents a multi-dimensional, progressive view of patriotism. One that’s probably at odds with at least some of the stereotypes people might have of WWE fans.

Why small Northern towns voted to leave. There is so much in this. Their perception that things are better in London. When you look at similar people in London there is still poverty. One of the key differences is that talent has left these area. This was the second shoe dropping from the 1985 miner’s strike and similar industrial action. Ironically de-industrialisation has been blamed implicitly on the European Union, when it was a very British decision based on the Chicago School style economics and anti-union action when Margaret Thatcher was prime minister.

There are very few racists who will openly admit their own racism. What happens when people like these realise things are going to get worse, not better for them? And being a small country between big economic blocs is going to decimate even the little jobs that they have left, their benefits and their health system?

Toyota builds an actual Initial D concept car, plus awesome manga artwork for it 【Photos】 – the most amazing aspect of this for me, was that this project was commissioned by Toyota GB, not their Japanese domestic market (JDM) counterparts!

Converse Gives Away 38,000 Samples for FREE feat. RJD2, HudMo, Com Truise and more – Converse had been working hard on its lifestyle brand positioning. It was fortunate that it’s affordability had already aligned it with popular culture and this sample library is a great way of reinforcing the linkage by being useful