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P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads – WSJ – interesting read, P&G moving more towards reach and frequency away from targeting. On a cost basis traditional broadcast media may be more competitive in their fight with online

‘We need to be better and faster at making work’ Ogilvy & Mather UK CEO Annette King tells staff as Ogilvy Labs shutters | Marketing | The Drum – interesting move apparently attached to the Brexit outcome. The tone it sets is interesting

Yahoo patented technology to ‘pre-deliver’ emails before you even write them – Business Insider – interesting…

rule40 – the ironic thing is that their clothing feels like a branded by absence product similar to Muji. I haven’t bothered watching the Olympics and don’t intend to thanks to Netflix and similar

Social Music App Eyegroove Shuts Down, Team Joins Facebook. Should, Dubsmash Be Worried? – hypebot – seems to be a wider challenge in social music based platforms – though Crowdmix are an outlier due to their management issues

Uber uses Brexit to pressure TfL over English tests | Campaign Live – on the other hand it offers another opportunity to close Uber out of London

Hulu Ends Free Streaming Service | Variety – and this makes the Verizon deal potentially more interesting

WSJ City – City Lobby Groups Jostle to Be Heard on Brexit – not terribly surprising, expected that it would be a feeding frenzy of lobbyists

Subway launches refreshed logo | Branding Source – nice in a 1970s kind of way

Artificial Intelligence Drone Defeats Fighter Pilot: The Future? « Breaking Defense – here comes SkyNet…

The Deeper Significance of Didi Chuxing — The Information – this is positioned as new, but the reality is that Baidu out-exexcuted Google in China as well. When Google complied with Chinese law it failed to understand the dynamics of the Chinese web and Baidu out crawled them. Google did its China market ‘stunt’ after having lost the mass market in China

Apple’s stagnant product lines mostly reflect the state of the computer industry | ExtremeTech – Apple’s relatively lax refresh cycle is mostly driven by the low rate of improvements in PC hardware these days. Apple is just more honest about it – and this says a lot about Moore’s Law

Retailer Acceptance – Contactless Life – basically your wallet isn’t dead yet

Bret Easton Ellis weighs in on the ‘snowflake generation’ | Dazed

People are using Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature to ask for follows on Snapchat | TheNextWeb – interesting to see how Instagram will handle this

This site lists all the Siri commands you’ll ever need | TheNextWeb – useful, but also shows the current problem with AI-like technology; it needs its own guide / instruction manual

Not every white male creative is a member of the boys club – Mumbrella

Reporters, Editors Still Rely on ‘Old Media’ (Study) | SocialTimes – interesting article, surprised that social media as a source ranked so high in APAC compared to other regions

Didi, SoftBank Lead $600 Million-Plus Round for Grab – Bloomberg – which will then be competing against Uber – interesting, I suspect Didi will win this battle as well

China, Not Silicon Valley, Is Cutting Edge in Mobile Tech – The New York Times – actually much of this is a continuum from what was happening in Japan, but a hell of a lot bigger, interesting that Huawei and Xiaomi didn’t get a name check though

4K, 8K: In Japan, ‘TV Is The Thing’ | EE Times