Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Facebook brand marketer tools – Learning about the latest techniques being used from a brand marketing perspective. A lot of inspirational work coming out of Brazil (non-olympic related).  Don’t think of it as hyper-targeted advertising, think of it more like TV advertising. The challenge is then where does it fit in terms of relative cost of reach in comparison to old media. At the moment old media has that as an advantage. While we wait for the dynamics to change check out:

  • Telescope TV – great tools producing live TV broadcast experience on Facebook Live (I presume it would also integrate with the likes of U Stream, YouTube streaming etc)
  • Facebook’s business and developer facing site on all things Messenger
  • +rehabstudio – agency with a similar mix of hardware and coding a la Berg London (RIP) who are doing interesting things on Messenger (ok interesting-ish things copying what’s already been done on WeChat and LINE). The website doesn’t show it but they were behind National Geographic’s Tina the T-Rex chatbot
  • Pullstring – better quality chatbots

The World’s Biggest Asshole video went around some of my friends this week

It is a similar concept to one that ran a six years ago in France by CLM BBDO Paris.