Links of the day | 在网上找到

Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection – RTÉ News – interesting article on how the Irish government and Apple may appeal the EU tax ruling

Why are we still using lame lithium-ion batteries after so many promising alternatives? | ExtremeTech – which flies in the face of many smart energy grid claims

Modern Love: The Internet Thinks I’m Still Pregnant – data has its limits

Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone worldwide – Sep. 2, 2016 – right on the edge of IFA

Apple is going to remove abandoned apps from the App Store | TechCrunch – interesting as from a marketing perspective Apples app store numbers will drop

Vice shows how not to treat freelancers – Columbia Journalism Review – interesting business model

This Mathematician Says Big Data Is Causing a ‘Silent Financial Crisis’ | TIME – interesting reading despite the shrill tone

Social Mobility Commission | Socio-economic diversity in life sciences and investment banking – they needed a report to tell them what everyone knows, many roles are about socio economic background rather than just ability (PDF)

Historian: China’s Economic Reforms Actually Started During the Cultural Revolution | Asia Society – interesting hypothesis

INTERNET: Microsoft in New China Tack with MSN Spin-Off | Young China Business – careful disengagement from the market presumably to cope with the legislative environment as much as anything else

Researchers Map Locations of 4,669 Servers in Netflix’s Content Delivery Network – IEEE Spectrum – interesting how much of the servers are sitting in ISP network facilities rather than in Internet exchanges where one would expect them to peer