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Tim Cook on Apple’s strategy and Clayton Christensen’s “Jobs to be Done” theory – Business Insider – basically do the new products actually have use cases?

Merkel: murky internet giants distort perception of reality – The Local – “the algorithms must be made public, so that one can inform oneself as an interested citizen on questions like: what influences my behaviour on the internet and that of others?” 

“These algorithms, when they are not transparent, can lead to to a distortion of our perception, they narrow our breadth of information.”

This Cheesy, 1980s Promotional Video for a Northern Nightclub is UK Nightlife’s Finest Hour | Thump – OMG

Divorced by Apple in California | – which nukes Apple’s security measures if true

Xiaomi Mi MIX Is An Edgeless Concept Phone That’s Actually Available For Purchase: Snapdragon 821, 6 GB RAM And More : TECH : Tech Times – big challenge to get back its crown in China from Huawei and Oppo. P9 or this? No contest to be honest with you the MIX wins hands down

Microsoft Keeps Dossiers on Journalists and Sent Us One By Accident | Gizmodo – reminds me of the Fred Vogel dossier sent a number of years ago, its not NSA level dirt unfortunately

Why the fashion world won’t let Amazon in – via Fritha