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A ‘Highly Lethal’ War Of ‘Fleeting’ Advantages: Multi-Domain Battle « Breaking Defense – exceptionally grim reading

Sensor City strikes China Deal – not sure how UK will gain in longer term

UPS, SAP, Fast Radius pact for industrial 3D printing – Business Insider – blurring the line between logistics and manufacturing

Google rejects EU Android competition charges | RTE – but they are an effective monopoly rather like Windows complete with bundling issues

UK trade deficit widens unexpectedly as exports fall despite pound drop | The Guardian – “If we are lucky, the weak pound may boost exports, but I would highlight that export growth tends to be driven more by the strength of overseas demand, rather than the exchange rate.”

Silicon Valley Is Worried That Trump Is Going To Grab Them By The Data – BuzzFeed News – interesting comments by Pinboard founder

Shell #makethefuture – Best Day of My Life – interesting, odd music based campaign by Shell

Decoding the GDPR and its implications for UK children | LSE Media Policy Project – interesting analysis

LeEco’s CEO Jia Yueting Says Company Overstretched, Now Running Out of Cash – Slashdot – possible acquisition target for Huawei?