Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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My Voucher Codes hijack of the John Lewis Christmas advert. My Voucher Codes cost £400, John Lewis reputedly paid £7 million for theirs. Well done that planner

Polish beatbox champion Mic Bandit versus Irish traditional band Jiggy

Luc Besson takes on Valerian and Laureline in his film adaption Valerian – City of a Thousand Planets. I was completely oblivious to this whilst reading the first four volumes of the comic. It is a fantastic product of the late 1960s and pretty reasonably priced by graphic novel standards.

Neill Blomkamp did a couple of clips that reimagined the Trump presidential motorcade. Air Force 1 looks a bit like the spaceship in Silent Running and the presidential limousine feels like something out of The Hunger Games

Amazing footage of metallic crystal formation

This week I had Andy Caldwell’s remix of Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On playing on repeat. I love the way the percussion is complex and layered yet the song feels stripped down.