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Apple expert panel on shift from a hit-driven to services business – Business Insider – “I’ll play both sides of it for you, Steve. On the one hand, they haven’t had innovation for a long time and it looks really bleak and it’s been six years [if you measure by the iPad, which was introduced in 2010]. On the other hand, if after eight years they do something as big as the iPhone or the iPad or the iPod, then we’ll forget about, we’ll forget about those doubts.”

The Truth About Uber’s Otto Deal — The Information – hedged against the Otto founders, Sir Martin Sorrell could learn something ;-)

Facebook To Target Streaming Viewers By Linking User Profiles With IP Addresses | IPG Media Lab – big potential targeting opportunities

WeChat censorship offers a blueprint for Facebook, but it still shouldn’t enter China | Techinasia – I think Facebook wouldn’t be able to cope with the competition

Infineon joins Chinese IoT security push | Electronics EETimes – to develop security technologies for smart home appliances that are manufactured and used in China

Fitbit To Buy Pebble — The Information – consolidation as the sector folds in on itself in the face of limited demands

RISC-V Expands its Audience | EE Times – open source hardware design

Do China’s Celebrities or Influencers Have More Power? | L2 – traditional celebrities still win out