Things that made my day last week

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The order on things being written and posted on this blog has been scrambled up a bit and I ended up spent some time in Madrid with nothing to show for it as my SD card from my camera disappeared – but the Hotel Ritz is nice and the Museo Naval is well worth a visit.

Red Bull and Jason Paul put together a film with Munich Airport that owes as much to Harold Lloyd as the cool of free running

I was stunned by the simplicity of Benedetto Bufalino’s ready-mix concrete truck as disco ball. This wasn’t for a brand but a crazy piece of art

With a lack of an iPod, I have been listening to Monki’s bootleg bundle a lot. I can also recommend her mix for the Fabric Live series

I haven’t bothered with football videos over the past year, but this one from Nike shows why they do so well. Great concept and storytelling

Maurice Lévy sent Publicis Groupe employees his last Christmas message as CEO