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Suddenly, Corporate Values Might Come With A High Price – Paul Holmes on corporate and social responsibility in a populist political environment

U.S. wearables market is doing much worse than expected | TechCrunch – no consumer use case. At best fitness trackers look like edge cases. Apple’s push into creating a new luxury category failed and caused a rethink on the device. Part of the problem is the form factor of the watch itself and its requirement of glanceability – which is why its great for watches but not computers…

Baidu Plans $1 Billion IPO for Video-Streaming Site – WSJ – (paywall) value nominally at $5bn – inflated value of media brand especially in the mercurial regulatory environment for online media in China around what might be construed as sensitive content. Secondly, China’s Tencent with QQ Video offers a real threat for iQiyi and a host of live streaming platforms

WeChat Update: Add Stickers To Your Pics – it will be huge, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shake my head and go tut-tut