Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Populism and Davos. If you manage to pull your reading out of the UK media you would have seen that the World Economic Forum in Davos. What’s really interesting is how the gathered elites don’t have an answer for populism.

Two things from Davos, the panel below featuring Christine Lagarde of the IMF, Italian finance minister Pier Carlo Padoan, academic and statesman Larry Summers. The message that there is no silver bullet just won’t work in a western style democracy and the kind of changes needed would require a long term consensus

Edelman launched the 2017 edition of their Trust Barometer with the theme the implosion of trust. The reality is much more extreme and internalised; a prolapse of trust would be a more-fitting description – but probably not very Bloomberg or FT friendly.

Global results

UK cut of the data: Richard usually goes to Davos, but has a stop off at the London office to give the first local barometer presentation

Teresa May’s speech on Brexit was primarily designed to address a delusional domestic audience of grassroots Conservatives and the UKIP sympathisers (who historically would have been the ‘Loadsamoney Tories‘). HSBC announced the following day that it was moving 20% of its staff out of the London headquarters to Paris; expect more similar announcements. I will leave the last word on it to the FT.

Opera have done some interesting UX work on their browser and how to interact with the web. I don’t expect Opera Neon to change the browser world, but we could see iterations on its themes in other products.

This anti-smoking billboard is a great example of well designed digital out-of-home creative

The Weather Underground have come up with some amazing posters, more here.