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SXSW Video: Nick Denton Is Getting Into Messaging | Special: SXSW – AdAge

Huawei mystery memo (and phone strategy) confirmed • The Register – not terribly surprised by this, guessing turning back on brand advertising and carrier subsidies with a focus on the SIM only market? The ad and marketing spend was very uncharacteristic of the brand. The problem is that the spend is needed in a mature consumer market category

Too much diversity? Disney’s Marvel (DIS) says that comics readers have had enough of relaunched titles like Ms. Marvel, Ironheart, and Spider-Man — Quartz – #comicgate just waiting to happen

GHOST IN THE SHELL : Ash Thorp – don’t bother watching Ghost in The Shell because it’s gutted the meaning out of the original and whitewashed the characters. Instead look at this to enjoy the high production values

Report: China to Overtake U.S. as Digital Market Leader for Luxury Watch Brands | Jing Daily – surprised that it hadn’t already

Samsung’s Android Replacement Is a Hacker’s Dream – Motherboard – But most of the vulnerabilities he found were actually in new code written specifically for Tizen within the last two years. Many of them are the kind of mistakes programmers were making twenty years ago, indicating that Samsung lacks basic code development and review practices to prevent and catch such flaws. – interesting that the faults aren’t in the Nokia and Intel originated code that Tizen builds on top of. This hits after the Note 7 debacle

【蘋果踢爆】眾籌走數咖啡機兄弟再爆醜聞 今次係智能多士爐! | 2017-04-01 | | 蘋果日報 – Hong Kong’s Apple Daily on serial Kickstarter scammers