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Samsung Smartphone Shipments Tops Chart in Q1 due to Flooding the Market with Massive Low-End Model Shipments – Patently Apple – the growth is in low end devices

Apple Held Back Most Advanced Wireless Tech, Says Qualcomm – Tech Trader Daily – Apple has more influence in many countries than Qualcomm? I’m calling bullshit on that statement at least. Qualcomm meddles in lots of regulatory things including mobile carrier consolidation in markets around the world, they have a strong regulatory team

Jolla adds support for Sailfish OS on Sony Mobile’s XperiaTM devices – interesting that this didn’t cut through during GSMA

Not on my watch: Huawei CEO sees no future for wearable smart devices | SCMP – pretty much the same argument that people made against (low and mid market) watches used against smart watches. Wise words

Why that Pepsi ad isn’t as bad as you think it is – Mumbrella – if you don’t get it, you’re not the target audience

Daring Fireball: The Swiss Watch Industry Should Double Down on Mechanical Watches – there is a certain arrogance that Silicon Valley knows everything, but I also believe smart watches are a fad, a companion device not a watch replacement

“Ghost in the Shell” is a poem to Hong Kong as it faces the 20th anniversary of its handover to China – the original Ghost in the Shell animators drove around Hong Kong to get a feel of mixing old with new

Google and Facebook will take 70 per cent of all money spent on digital advertising by 2020 | The Sun – why is News Corp providing a compelling narrative to short their own stock in such an orchestrated way

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI – MIT Technology Review – which challenges regulation

Apple tumbles down laptop brand survey after tepid reaction to new MacBooks | BGR  – Stop this size zero design bullshit and gimmickry

Apple’s New File System: Who Cares? | Monday Note – I do this is huge news

Bots are the newest form of new media — Quartz – interesting take. I see them as continuation of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ type text adventures

WeChat Expands in Europe in Bid for Global Advertisers, Payments – Bloomberg – mostly about the Chinese diaspora

YouTube won’t show ads on channels with fewer than 10K views | siliconangle – huge for B2B own brand channels who will be free of ‘competitive spamming’

How China keeps gay people off TV | Dazed Digital – interesting insights into Chinese media law that content providers need to consider

Unilever to restructure and slash ad spend | Marketing Interactive – I suspect that this is misreading the picture. Unilever had been rolling out ZBB when I was there and were looking at the spreads business for even longer

Unilever Sets Up U.K.-Netherlands Clash in Search for New Home – Bloomberg – expect Shell to look at similar moves. Rotterdam makes more sense as from a real estate point of view 1 Victoria Embankment is too cramped. From the economics Rotterdam also makes more sense