10 most popular posts – H1 2017

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1Living with the Casio GWF -D1000 Frogman watchCasio took their Frogman watch and improved it even further. Some of the technology is interesting mainly because they’ve managed to run it all off a diminutive solar panel. The bigger changes for me was moving world time from the ‘home screen’ and reengineering how the strap is fastened to the case in a much more robust manner

Louis Vuitton, Supreme and the tangled relationship between streetwear and luxury brands

Louis Vuitton has been dragged into the 21st century by its creative director. A collaboration with Supreme seems logical in retrospect for so many reasons

Richard Edelman is wrong, PR isn’t at a crossroads…

Richard Edelman commented on the trend for large marketing groups to consolidate PR agencies and integrate PR offerings into a larger marketing services stack. This mirrors changes that Edelman’s own company has gone through as multiple disciplines close in on a marketing singularity

It’s time that we talk about micro-influencers

Looking past the hype of micro-influencers to work out how it fits with brand planning scenarios

Magic Lantern Festival, Chiswick House Gardens

Chiswick hosted a lunar new year oriented lantern festival similar to what you’d seen in Hong Kong and across China

Oprah Time: Blood and Faith – the purging of muslim Spain (1492 – 1614) by Matthew Carr

I’d picked up Blood and Faith in the Prado museum on a trip to Madrid. Book shops like these often give a clue to how a country wants to be perceived and in Spain’s case this mean’t being open about history

Have we reached peak streetwear?

A follow-on post from my jog down memory lane about luxury and streetwear. I started thinking about it in terms of a market in its own right

Great interview with Adam Curtis

Curtis’ narrative fitted in really well with the overall environment of fake news and a malleable post-modern reality

The crowdfunded product problem with PopSlate as an unfortunate case study

PopSlate going under was a timely point for me to examine the extreme challenges that crowdfunded hardware projects face

On Pam Edstrom

Waggener Edstrom (WE Communications) co-founder passed away. I added my little addendum to this piece of PR history