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Blue Note Review – jazz label Blue Note Records goes Birch Box

The death of the MBA – Axios – more like normalisation after a bubble in US business schools

China must enhance protection of intellectual property rights: Premier Li | Reuters – I bet that only goes to protection of Chinese IP

Apple – No Nirvana | Radio Free Mobile – interesting breakdown why it was an IP / acquhire

Brands, I’m part of your marketing team: Alibaba CMO | Data | Campaign Asia – compare and contrast with Amazon’s approach as a ‘retail cancer’

McKinsey on digital marketing: Personalization is not what you think | ZDNet  – The first thing [is] that people, when they talk about personalization, often confuse it with targeting. Absolutely every client that I talk to and every person in the industry, we all want to do better targeting. I think personalization has a piece of that, but I think of personalization as really helping manage a customer through their journey. That could include advertising. That could include experiences, both physical and digital. But it’s that end-to-end view of helping the client, the customer, get through that journey in a thoughtful way

AT&T wants to bin 100,000 routers, replace them with white boxes | The Register – will the white boxes be built to provide telecoms QoS in terms of reliability and redundancy?

Supermarkets urged to boycott Sun, Mail and Express – DecisionMarketing  – the Daily Mail blamed “Internet trolls orchestrated by a small group of hard-left Corbynist individuals” trying to “suppress legitimate debate”.

WPP stalls supplier payments ‘to boost year-end results’ – DecisionMarketing  – An internal email leaked to the newspaper read: “Cash balances are one of the most important indicators there are of the health of a business and so every year WPP looks to maximise its cash position reported in the year-end accounts.” It went on to ask for help chasing cash owed to WPP and “slowing down payments to our creditors”. – I wonder if they are slowing down the paying of staff OOPs?