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Happy new year. Chez Carroll has been on the mend after a bout of Christmas man flu and stomach bugs hit my parents and then me. We recovered slowly and watched a lot of the TV drama ‘Homeland’.

Tencent denies storing WeChat records after Chinese billionaire reportedly questions monitoring | South China Morning Post – how does it comply with Chinese law for monitoring etc? Interesting privacy now a minor issue at least in China. I had heard of people moving to Ding as they didn’t trust WeChat

China puts US$15,000 annual personal cap on overseas bank card withdrawals | South China Morning Post – further clamping down on capital flight, overseas property investment etc

The Jean-ius Style of Steve Jobs – Levi Strauss – wait a minute; Levi’s used to give billionaire Steve Jobs free jeans? Why?

Trump Says U.S. Post Office Should Charge Amazon `Much More’ | Ad Age – actually a fair point, the problem is that Amazon has got too large and too powerful (paywall)

China moves to impose order on mobile payments boom | FT – $76/day usage limit is going to kill their usage abroad since they have mostly penetrated duty free and high-end department stores (paywall)

China takes popular news app Toutiao offline for 24 hours over pornographic content | South China Morning Post – it was only a matter of when this would happen

China’s Huawei flags slower smartphone and overall revenue growth | Reuters – I thought that 5G infrastructure and continued enterprise sales would kick in for Huawei, they are still desperately trying to increase their slim margins on smartphone sales

The Most Expensive Mile of Subway Track on Earth – The New York Timespublic officials have stood by as a small group of politically connected labor unions, construction companies and consulting firms have amassed large profits. – When does pork barrel politics start to look like organised crime?

Daring Fireball: Italian Company Calls Itself ‘Steve Jobs’ – expect overpriced mock turtlenecks in any colour you want so long as it’s black