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Unilever threatens to pull ad spend from platforms that ‘breed division’  – “Consumers don’t care about third-party verification. They do care about fraudulent practice, fake news, and Russians influencing the US election. They don’t care about good value for advertisers. But they do care when they see their brands being placed next to ads funding terror, or exploiting children.”

“They don’t care about sophisticated data usage or ad targeting via complex algorithms, but they do care about not seeing the same ad 100 times a day. They don’t care about ad fraud, but they do care about their data being misused and stolen.” – the downside is that Unilever have partnered with IBM to build blockchain technology that will help verify their advertising media spend

Facebook Losing Friends to Snapchat in the U.K. – Bloomberg – it is worthwhile being skeptical until there is more details on the methodology but interesting nonetheless

Algorithmic arrangements: an interview iwht Tom Quisel, former CTO fo OkCupid | Logic magazine  – as with many startups, using really advanced algorithms ends up being a second-order optimization. Often, the more effective thing is just to work on getting the user experience right. It’s much easier to do user experience improvements that make larger differences on the dynamics and the site

How did Google Talk change from a dream to a nightmare? – The Pensieve – a catalogue of service design mistakes that weren’t customer focused

Foxconn unit to cut over 10,000 jobs as robotics take over- Nikkei Asian Reviewup to 75% of production will be fully automated by the end of 2018. Most of Innolux’s factories are in Taiwan. Tuan’s pledge came a few days after Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou said the company would pour in some $342 million to overhaul its manufacturing process by using artificial intelligence. (paywall)

It is worthwhile reading this thread by Steven Sinofsky all the way through