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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五) | 금요일에 다섯 가지

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Things that made my day this week:

BBC 4 ran a great hour long documentary film: The Rise and Fall of Nokia is an oral history of Nokia from Nokia veterans. You can’t give a good comprehensive telling of the Nokia story in just one hour, but you can get a sense of what Nokia was. Some of the culture change that came with success  was really dark.

Danny Dyer nailed the zeitgeist on Brexit last week. Which led some the B3ta community to put together the Danny Dyer Presents: “Pwopa Nawty Noises!” ( – livens up conference calls no end.

I was a big fan of HBO’s The Newsroom drama; it was more of the intelligent dramas over the past few years. The intro to the first episode seems even more prescient now

I am very late to this but Techcrunch’s Bubbleproof drama from last year neatly skewers the current state of technology start-up culture (in the west at least).

I’ll leave you with this amazing animated film from Hong Kong. It’s on KickStarter for funding and looks amazing with hints of traditional martial arts films, science fiction and psychedelia. More information on the film website.