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ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우

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Cathay ticketing error … again: first-class fares at tenth of original price – Is there problems in Cathay’s ticket algorithm?

NGT48 pop idol Maho Yamaguchi’s apology for home assault sparks outrage at Japanese victim-blaming | South China Morning Post – so reading between the lines management are scum bags connected to the criminal underworld, if not a yakusa family – not surprising

2019 Predictions | The Daily | Gartner L2 – no surprise on the Amazon predictions

Qualcomm CEO defends chip licensing business in FTC trial – CNETQualcomm’s “no license, no chips” policy is at the heart of the FTC’s case against Qualcomm, which lawyers are arguing before Judge Lucy Koh in US District Court in San Jose this month. Mollenkopf was among the witnesses who testified on Friday. Under the policy, companies must license Qualcomm’s patents before it will sell them chips. Qualcomm customers, such as Apple, don’t like that one bit.

Hong Kong-based online travel agent Zuji, now without a licence, unable to operate | South China Morning Post – just wow, I remember when Zuji was a hot start-up