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BlackBerry PlayBook

Reading Time: 2 minutes My friend David asked me what I thought of the BlackBerry Playbook. I wanted to give my ideas time to percolate before jotting them down: Sack the marketers – what does ‘professional-grade’ mean in with regards to a BlackBerry Playbook tablet? It’s the kind of weak nebulous marketing speak like ‘leading’, ‘best-of-breed’ and ‘solutions provider’.… Continue reading BlackBerry PlayBook

ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

Reading Time: 2 minutes When Chinese State Security police knocked on ABC journalist Bill Birtles’ door, he realised he was no longer safe in China – ABC News – interesting how business and finance reporting has been hard for the past few years. Which is one of the reasons why scandals like Luckin Coffee happen. Chinese state security is… Continue reading ICYMI | 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

25 technologies

Reading Time: 16 minutes 25 technologies that have come to prominence during the past quarter century and have changed the world. CNET came up with their own list. That inspired me to take a run at it and make my own list of 25 technologies. CNET’s list My list Apple iPhone SMS and instant messaging Wi-Fi Wi-Fi IoT (internet… Continue reading 25 technologies