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Adamski, Njoi, James Lavelle and De La Soul – what more do you want (ok apart from Alex Kingston’s cell phone number and next week’s lottery numbers)?

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On the sofa: The Man from Mo’Wax

Reading Time: 2 minutes The documentary The Man from Mo’Wax was something that I’d been looking forward to watching for a while. James Lavelle made his name as the guy at Honest Johns who was the go to guy for Major Force Records releases. Major Force was a Japanese hip hop label that featured the likes of Hiroshi Fujiwara […]

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Things that made my day this week

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve mostly been listening to a mix by UNKLE (James Lavelle) for Dazed & Confused magazine …. and the Zhou Family weddings and funeral band Continuing the China music theme, there is a great documentary on hip hop in Chengdu in Sichuan province – Hip-Hop in the Home of Hot Pot | Sixth Tone – the tension […]