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WWDC 2018: all-thriller, no-filler version

Reading Time: 4 minutes This summary of the WWDC 2018 keynote has been re-organised to try and provide a bit more coherence as Apple took things in a slightly different order to try and create ‘surprise and delight‘. WWDC 2018 highlighted how cross-platform they’ve evolved Continuity and Siri to try and make them more useful (if, not smarter). All… Continue reading WWDC 2018: all-thriller, no-filler version

Apple WWDC 2017 post

Reading Time: 4 minutes There was a mix of hardware and software updates. Apple put a lot of focus on  virtual reality, augmented reality and prepping their operating systems for handling larger amounts of data.  There was work done to further optimise video and photo usage on device. The event offered bad news for online advertisers and a number… Continue reading Apple WWDC 2017 post

WWDC 2016 – what did it all mean?

Reading Time: 4 minutes I watched the few hours of keynotes at Apple’s WWDC 2016 (Worldwide Developers Conference). I also read some of the resulting analysis and wondered if we’d been watching the same event. So thought I would think about the event carefully and come up on my take of what it all meant. This is a bit… Continue reading WWDC 2016 – what did it all mean?