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Friends from Yahoo!

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The highlight of this week was briefly catching up with a couple of friends from Yahoo!. The people that I met along the way at Yahoo! were great and I am proud to say that I have more than a couple of friends from Yahoo! The company got culture right, but board level business wrong. […]

Microsoft in Yahoo! saga

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Microsoft in Yahoo! saga Re/code has an interesting article on how the Microsoft in Yahoo! saga continues to influence the sell off of Yahoo! assets by investing money in whichever bid coalition wins. This feels like a riff on Yahoo!’s history over the past six years. Careful balancing act for Microsoft The 2010 aggressive bid […]

Yahoo! – how did we get here?

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Understanding who Yahoo! is today means understanding changes in the technology and media sectors. These changes occurred over the past 20 years. The Fear Yahoo! started off as a hack. The directory grew from a list of sites catalogued by Jerry Yang and David Filo. They did this as students in Stanford. This was back […]

Turnaround plan at Yahoo! + more

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Yahoo CEO Set to Refresh Turnaround Plan – WSJ – the turnaround plan sounds like desperate cost cutting. Yahoo! leadership have burned through a lot of runway and not made the best use of the company’s media assets. Mayer’s turnaround plan looked very much like Ross Levinsohn’s turnaround plan. The Levinsohn turnaround plan was in turn […]

Yahoo! back to 2005?

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Back to 2005 Events at Yahoo! this week took me back to 2005 – the halcyon days web 2.0 days before popular social networks. If you are vaguely interested in the online sector, you will have noticed that Summly has been acquired by Yahoo!. The acquisition is interesting for a number of reasons: It is […]